58% of people forget their ideas because they neglect to write them down.
Crowne Plaza survey
            October 2008



Remember your thoughts, ideas and dreams — with the PillowNotes® bed desk.

Have you ever had a great idea or unique dream at night, only to forget it by morning because you didn't write it down? How about a reminder for the next day, to pick up milk or return a call, forgotten by morning because it wasn't written down?

Never forget again with the PillowNotes bed desk.

The PillowNotes bed desk offers everything you need to jot down a note while in bed:
> Book light
> Notepad
> Pen

All contained in an attractive, quality-made microsuede pillow.

A decoration by day and a desktop at night, the PillowNotes bed desk will always be there for you — so you never miss an opportunity to write down your thoughts, ideas and dreams.

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